What is Rebel Noir?

What is Rebel Noir?

Rebel Noir Clothing Company is a premium lifestyle apparel brand that focuses on self-expression through fashion. Our brand is rough yet refined. Timeless yet trendy. Rebel Noir Clothing Company was founded by Black rebels who, throughout their lives, have gone against the grain to achieve and rise when faced with adversity. Rebel Noir represents progress despite circumstance. It’s about overcoming societal obstacles and still rising to the top. Our purpose is:


  • To support the collective advancement of the black experience in American society.

  • To provide a channel of self-expression that allows an individual to communicate without words.

Current actions we are taking to fulfill our purpose are as follows:


  • Ten percent of Rebel Noir Clothing Company profits are donated to DPA (501c3). DPA works to ensure that the nation no longer arrests, incarcerates, disenfranchises and otherwise harms millions of black people who are disproportionately affected by the law.

  • Each week, we highlight other black owned businesses (across a myriad of industries) on our social channels. We believe in cooperative economics and that we have to promote and support other black businesses in order for the culture to rise as a whole.

  • We provide an amazing apparel collection that allows everyone to show their support of the culture. We welcome and encourage all to enjoy Rebel Noir.

We hope you choose to express yourself through our collection.