Rebel Noir Clothing

RE-BEL (n): a person who rises in opposition. NOIR (n): black

Black is beautiful

Black Rebels are trendsetters who define their own path in both life and fashion

A collection for everyone

Black Rebels define the culture so that everyone can partake and express themselves

Iconic style

A timeless collection that allows you to introduce yourself without words

How can you be a part of rebel noir?

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tell us what you want

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Men's collection

Our Men's Collection primarily highlights men's outerwear and accessories. The various pieces are handpicked by our stylists and change seasonally. Don't miss your opportunity to partake in the culture, because once an item is sold out it is gone forever.

Women's Collection

Our Women's Collection is where elegance meets edgy. These pieces are meant to push the limits of conventional fashion and provide our clients with the opportunity to radiate in any setting. Our stylists update the collection seasonally, and no two collections are alike.