My Top 5 TV Shows

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Wanna know the 5 TV shows that I think are the best? You’ve probably already recognised some of them in the picture, here are my thoughts about them!

5. Bob’s burgers
If you watch comedy central than you’ve probably seen at least bits of this cartoon. The characters are so funny and unique. I like the dry humour that this show has, no other cartoon comedy show has made me laugh like this!

4. American Horror Story
And now something entirely different….horror. I’ve never liked scary movies to be honest but this show somehow changed my opinion about them. Yes it is creepy and I’ve had a few weird dreams because of that… But the storyline is so good that you want to keep watching it even though it’s scary. The main characters are mostly the same in every season but every season has a complete different story. It’s a bit confusing that the actors have a very different role in another season but they can somehow pull it off.


3. Friends
If you’re from the 90’s than you must know this show, if not…. Did you live under a rock??! This show is so funny, spontaneous and sometimes I even get emotional… Go and watch all the 10 seasons, you won’t ever regret it!

2. The Vampire Diaries
I’ve been watching this show for years and I don’t want it to stop. There is so much happening and I swear I’ve cried for at least 20 times with this show. The characters are very badass and most of them are of course vampires. I also must say that this is the most realistic vampire show I’ve ever seen! They don’t sparkle┬álike the ones in the Twilight movies thank god.


1. Orange Is The New Black
This show is by far the best I’ve seen!! It’s based on a very special book from Piper Kerman about her life. This memoir follows her, a happy engaged New Yorker who is sent to a women’s federal prison for transporting a suitcase full of drug money across international borders. The book however is way more serious than the TV show, they’ve added a lot of humour to it in the show. And that’s for the better because a little fun has never hurt anyone!

Thanks for reading Xx